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FOSHAN HOMETI NEW MATERIAL CO.,LTD(Brand HOMIXE) has developed into a research and development, production and sales as one of the focus on Titanium Electrodes (plating anode) platinum mesh blade, hydrogen rich cup anode,, PCB platinum-plated, according to silver tide plate, bowl mesh,Titanium screw standard parts and other Titanium coil processing and a variety of Titanium metal derivatives production enterprises. We have developed professional high-performance Titanium Anode specially in Ru02Ir02 & lr02 Ta205 &Pt coated & Pb02 coated .

HOMIXE – As Professional titanium anode manufacturer Electrolytic water technology product solution provider ,We have own R& D team and 10years experience in Titanium anode . can provide professional technical support (electrical performance, structure, etc.), efficient and comprehensive third-party testing reports for exporting such as ISO9001 , SGS ,CE ,ROHS international certification requested . “Integrity Management, High Quality, Cooperation and profit” is our business philosophy.

Close to HOMIXE, heart near to future , Welcomes people over world from all walks of life to discuss cooperation, a total titanium journey for the cause of human health and safety.

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Applications of Titanium Anodes

The application of titanium anodes can be found in various industries and processes. Here are some specific areas where titanium anodes are commonly used


Water Treatment

Cathodic Protection

Electrolysis and Electrowinning

Chemical Synthesis

Medical and Pharmaceutical Application

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